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70 Evidences/Proofs of Similarities between Last testament (Quran), Bible New testament, Bible Old Testament, Early Christians writings & Historical Evidences that Jesus Son of Mary PBUH was NOT Crucified 

A Historical event of Jesus crucifiction is recorded in Mathew27 , Mark15, Luke23, John21 which historian wrote the event of Jesus crucifiction irrespective of that its accepted as the main base and pillar of Christianity available in the Bible (NSRV). However bear with me you will find an amazing fact which matches in the Last testament, Bible Old testament and Bible New testament, Early Christian Writings and the real historical evidences.

70 Proofs from the bible that Jesus Son of Mary (PBUH) was NOTcrucified
Find out Who was actually crucified in reality: 
1) Judas (Apocalypse of Peter, Gospel of Barnabas, Acts of John, Second treatise of great Seth )
2) Jesus (King of the Jews) (Matthew 27 and John 21) or 
3) Simon the Cyrene (Mark 15, Luke 23)
4) Thomas (Toma) The Twin (Gospel of Thomas)
5) Jesus prophesied in last hour before God raised him from Earth that Judas (Son of Perdition) will be crucified (John17)
6) Crucifixion refuted by Psalm 91:3, 91:5,91:7
7) Crucifixion refuted by Psalm 116, 
8) Crucifixion refuted by Psalm 118, 
9) Crucifixion refuted by Isaiah 52, 
10) Crucifixion refuted by Deuternomy 21:23, 
11) Crucifixion refuted by Hebrews 5:7 and 
12) Crucifixion refuted by Hosea 6:6
13) Crucifixion refuted by Luke 4:11
14) Crucifixion refuted by Psalm 34:19-21
15) Crucifixion refuted by Matthew 4:6
16) Crucifixion refuted by Matthew 9:13
17) Crucifixion refuted by Matthew 12:7
18) Crucifixion refuted by 4:3
19) Crucifixion refuted by Luke 19:10
20) Crucifixion refuted by Matthew 28:17
21) Crucifixion refuted by Mark 16:14
22) Crucifixion refuted by Matthew 16:22
23) Crucifixion refuted by Mark 9:30-32
24) Crucifixion refuted by  Psalms 20:6
25) Crucifixion refuted by Matthew 26:39
26) Crucifixion refuted by Mark 14:26
27) Crucifixion refuted by Luke 22:42
28) Crucifixion refuted by Deuteronomy 12:31
29) Crucifixion refuted by 2 Kings 17:17
30) Crucifixion refuted by John 1:111 John 18:36

31) Crucifixion refuted by Luke 13:33 >< Hebrews 13:12

32) If Jesus(pbuh) was trying to die for the sins of mankind then why he asked God to save him from being killed (Luke 22:42)?!

33) If Jesus(pbuh) was trying to die for the sins of mankind then  Why he ordered his disciples to buy swords (Luke 22:36)?!
34) If Jesus(pbuh) was trying to die for the sins of mankind then Why he kept escaping from Jews because he did not want to get killed (John 7:1)?!

35) If Jesus(pbuh) was trying to die for the sins of mankind then Why he accused Jews for trying to kill him (John 8:40)?! 

36) God shows how complete His protection will be of Jesus and how complete will be His punishment of those who will not obey God (see also Proverbs 21:18).

37) Purpose of Jesus son of Mary (Mark 1:38) to convey God's message to the dispersed Jews in nearby villages

38) A paramilitary insurrectionist known as Jesus the Galilean who claimed to be king of the jews, and who is to be distinguished from Jesus the son of the father i.e. Jesus Christ.

39) Jesus Barabbas (Son of the father) was released as written in the bible Matthew27  (Barabbas being a patronymic surname)
40) Mystery in the name Yeshua i.e. (The one who is saved by God Allmighty)
41) Three types of Messiah of Israel in the Bible doesn't include Jesus son of Mary (pbuh)
42) Sign of Jonah - Jesus was Alive not dead to fulfil the sign of Jonah
43) Denial of Peter (Peter's transfomation from Heroic to Cowardly?.... No, infact, he denied rightfully that he didn't know the person the jews & romans were going to kill)
44) 14% of the male population to have been named Jesus (4 out of 28 priests having named Jesus equals 14% being a very common name in Israel ). A second Jesus was being interrogated the night before the crucifixion, that it was this man that Peter denied, and that it was this man who would be crucified the next day.
45) People of Ninevah repented from their sins and Allah forgave them without any kind of blood sacrifice
46) According to Bible only (God forbid) David pbuh acknowledged his sins and asked for forgiveness and God forgave him
47) Solomon pbuh makes a special plea to God Allmighty to forgive their sins
48) Gospel of Barnabas also says like John 17 that Judas will be crucified instead of Jesus son of Mary
49) The Acts of John
50) The Second Treatise of the Great Seth
51) The Apocalypse of Peter (Unveiling the Secrets)
52) The Gospel of Thomas
53)  Gospel of Judas (found in the Codex Brucianus)
54) Two Books of Jeu
55) Codex Sineticus 
56) Babylonian Talmud

57) he was not resurrected, because he was alive. If he’s alive, no crucifixion, no resurrection.He was put on the cross and bought down very fast. In three hours. In three hours it’s difficult for a person to die. Therefore Jesus was alive.

58) When he’s bought down, even his two cross mates they are alive. Proving that even Jesus was alive.

59. his legs were not broken. What use is a broken leg to a dead man? Proving that he was alive.

60. That the stone was removed and the winding sheets were unwound, proving that Jesus Christ (Peace Be Upon Him) was alive.

61. That he was disguised as a gardener. Why? Because he was alive trying to be saved from the Jews.

62. The tomb was roomy. It was spacious. What use is a spacious tomb for a dead person? Proving Jesus was alive.

63. That when Mary Magdalene goes to touch Jesus (Peace Be Upon Him) he says touch me not. Why? He was a physical body. He was alive. It will hurt him, he was in pain. Proving that he was alive.

64. Jesus (Peace Be Upon Him) says that I have not yet ascended unto my father. That means he was alive.

65. Mary Magdalene could not afraid recognizing Jesus (Peace Be Upon Him).

66. That in the upper room he shows his hands and feet to prove that he was not a spirit but he was alive.

67. That they were overjoyed to see him. Why? Because they thought he’s dead and the spirit form. They were overjoyed to see because he was alive.

68. He ate a piece of broiled fish and honey comb to prove that he was alive.

69. The disciples had heard from Mary Magdalene that he was alive.

70. The Sign of Jonah. As Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the whale so shall the son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth alive, alive, alive; if he’s alive, no crucifixion, no resurrection.

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