Sunday, April 24, 2016

How can a Merciful & a Loving God punish his own creation?

Almighty God is merciful and beneficent and at the same time he will punish also. To inform and warn us about his punishment is also part of his infinite mercy. Only people who use their intellect will understand this.*

This is why we have to comprehensively understand the characteristics of Allah. He is the most gracious, the most merciful (Rahman, Raheem), the bestower (Al mannan), the most compassionate (Ar-Raoof), the most forgiving (al gaffaar), the ever giving (al wahhab), the most generous (al jawwad), the most bountiful (Al Kareem).

Not only that, he does complete justice - the perfect in ability (Al mukhaddir), the ever watchful (Al muhaimin), the superb Arbiter (Al Fattaah), the supreme judge (Ad-dayyaan, Al hakim)

If God is like a doll which cant even punish anyone then He cant do justice. What is the use of such a God if there is no difference between people who do righteous good deeds all their life and people who committed all sorts of atrocities (for example rapist and murderers of nirbhaya and many others who were never even caught)?

Who are we to define characteristics of God? Who are we to say that he should be like this and He should not be like this? First of all He is our Creator and sustainer so we have to be ever obedient to him. We have to understand and follow his message to prove our obedience to him.

In philosophy - Men contemplate about God, universe, life and purpose of mankind’s creation and existence. Where as in Revelation, God communicates to his messenger about his true nature, universe, life and purpose of mankind’s creation and existence. So there is a big difference between the two which need to be understood clearly. Quran is Revelation, not philosophy of human beings. Its individual's choice which one to follow - Revelation or Philosophy.

Concepts such as “God will not threaten or punish” are philosophies of people who followed their whims and desires and rejected accountability for their deeds. Also this preaching is from those who reject Revelation and declare themselves as Gods and lead people astray.

Please reflect on this message. Dont accept everything just because its sounds nice to hear and easy to follow.

God has given us freedom and free-will. He is not forcing anything on us. He is just warning us by giving the knowledge of events to come after death.

After your death, if you realise that all these philosophies about God were wrong and only Revelation is Truth then there will be no use. Those who wrote those philosophies or those who convinced you about them will not be able to save you.

"And do not follow that about which you have no knowledge; Verily; every act of hearing, or of seeing, or of (wandering of) the heart will be questioned (on the Day of Judgment)" Quran 17:36

"They have not made a true estimate of Allah: For Allah is He who is strong and Almighty" Quran 22:74

"I will turn them away from My signs (verses), those who behave with pride on the earth opposing the right- And even if they see all the Signs (verses), those who behave with pride on the earth opposing the right- And even if they see all the signs (verses), they will not believe in them; And if they see the way to right conduct, they will not follow it as the Way; But if they see the way to wrong, that is the way they will follow. (They do this) because they rejected our signs (verses), and have not taken the warning from them. Those who reject Our signs (verses of Quran), and the Meeting in the Hereafter, their actions are useless" Quran 7:146,147

"If it had been your Lords Will all of them would have believed- All who are on earth! (But) will you then compel mankind, against their will, to believe? No soul can believe, except by the Will of Allah, and He will place doubt on *those who will not use their ability to understand*" Quran 10:99-100.

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