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101 Reasons why Jesus is NOT God according to the Bible

001. Jesus has genealogies (Matthew 1: 1 ...... etc).
002. Jesus was born of a human (Matthew 1:21).
003. Jesus was Leader for the people of Israel only (Matthew 2: 6).
004. Jesus was baptized by John (Matthew 3:13).
005. Jesus pitied by God (Matthew 3:17).
006. Jesus was taken and tested by the devil (Matthew 4: 1).
007. Jesus fasted and was hungry (Matthew 4: 2).
008. Jesus was led by the devil (Matthew 4: 5).
009. Jesus was led up the mountain by devil (Matthew 4: 8).
010. Jesus told only worship God (Matthew 4:10).
011. Jesus told and did the will of his Lord (Matthew 7:21).
012. Jesus was admitted only as a messenger of God
(Matthew 10:40).
013. Jesus claimed he was a prophet (Matthew 10:41).
014. Jesus gave thanks to God (Matthew 11:25).
015. Jesus cast out demons by the power of the Holy Spirit
(Matthew 12:28).
016. Jesus did not give a proper (Matthew 12:40.
017. Jesus praying to his God on the Mount (Matthew 14:23).
018. Jesus was sent to the Children of Israel (Matthew 15:24).
019. Jesus came to the glory of his Father (Matthew 16:27).
020. Jesus is the Messiah (Exodus 4: 22-23).
021. Jesus predict not proven (Matthew 16:28).
022. Jesus heard a voice from heaven (Matthew 17: 5).
023. Jesus died, was resurrected Lord (Matthew 17: 9).
024. Jesus was not entitled but only God has the right
(Matthew 20:23).
025. Lives of Jesus as a ransom (Matthew 20:28).
026. Lord, son of David? (Matthew 20: 29-31).
027. Jesus is the prophet of Nazareth (Matthew 21: 10-11).
028. Jesus was hungry and cursed the fig tree (Matthew 21:
029. The Lord is God, not Jesus (Matthew 22: 36-37).
030. Jesus did not know the day of Judgment (Matthew
031. Jesus went to pray in Getsmani (Matthew 26:36).
032. Jesus sad and scared to death (Matthew 26: 37-38).
033. Jesus bow down and pray (Matthew 26:39).
034. Jesus only king of the Jews (Matthew 27:37).
035. Jesus could not save himself (Matthew 27: 41-43).
036. Jesus called out to his Lord (Matthew 24:46).
037. Jesus gave his life (Matthew 27:50).
038. Jesus is authorized by God (Mark 28:18).
039. Jesus had a mother and brothers (Matthew 3: 31-32).
040. Jesus was the son of a carpenter (Mark 6: 3).
041. Jesus claimed he was a prophet (Mark 6: 4).
042. Jesus pray and give blessing (Mark 6:41).
043. Jesus misses forecast (Mark 9: 1).
044. John calls Jesus the teacher (Mark 9:38).
045. Jesus claimed that only God is good (Mark 10: 17-18).
046. Jesus said, all things are possible with God (Matthew
047. Jesus is the son of man, mocked, spat upon and killed
(Mark 10: 33-34).
048. Jesus was not eligible, unless God (Mark 10:40).
049. Jesus gave his life as a ransom? (Mark 10:45).
050. Jesus of Nazareth, the son of David (Mark 10:47).
051. Jesus was sent to the ass without permission of the
owner (Mark 11: 1-3).
052. Jesus comes in the name of God (Mark 11: 9).
053. Jesus was hungry, did not know the season and cursed
the fig tree (Mark 11: 12-14).
054. Jesus gave testimony that God is One (Mark 12: 28-29).
055. Jesus did not know when the apocalypse (Mark 13:32).
056. Jesus including the ungodly (Mark 15:28).
057. The angel said that Jesus was a Nazarene (Mark 16:
058. Jesus is seated at the right hand of God (Mark 16:19).
059. Mary was pregnant gave birth to Jesus (Luke 1:31).
060. Jesus was born in the city of the prophet David (Luke
061. Jesus had parents (Luke 2:41).
062. Jesus was circumcised or uncircumcised (Luke 2:21).
063. Jesus submitted to God (Luke 2: 22-23).
064. Jesus was called "Son" by his parents (Luke 2:48).
065. Jesus cared for his mother and the bigger and more
loved by God (Luke 2: 51-52).
066. Jesus began his work at the age of 30 years (Luke 3:23).
067. Jesus was Led by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness to
be tempted by the devil (Luke 4: 1).
068. Spirit of the Lord is upon Jesus, who claimed to be a
messenger of God (Luke 4:18).
069. Jesus of Nazareth (Luke 4: 33-34).
070. Jesus with his mother and siblings (Luke 8: 19-21).
071. Jesus was called as a Teacher by his disciples (Luke
072. Jesus more earnestly praying to God (Luke 22: 43-44).
073. Jesus gave his life (Luke 23:46).
074. Forecast fictitious Jesus, not proven (Luke 24: 24-46).
075. The Word of God is Jesus? Jesus is God's word? (John
076. God has become man as Jesus? (John 1:14).
077. God gave his only begotten son, Jesus? (John 3:16).
078. Jesus could not do nothing of himself (John 5:19).
079. As a messenger of God, Jesus can not do and follow his
own will (John 5:30).
080. Jesus testified to God (John 5:37).
081. The teaching of Jesus is from God (John 7:16).
082. Jesus came by the will of God who sent him (John 7:
083. Jesus said what he heard from God who sent him (John
084. Jesus speaks appropriate what God taught him (John 8:
085. God is greater than Jesus, even though they are one ?!
(John 10: 29-30).
086. Jesus in God and God in Jesus? (John 10:38).
087. Jesus prayed and testified he was sent by God (John 11:
088. Jesus claimed that he was lower than his Lord (John 13:
089. No one can come to God without going through
Jesus ??? (John 14: 6).
090. Jesus was controlled by God (John 14:10).
091. Jesus asked the Lord, a successor (John 14: 15-17).
092. God is greater than Jesus (John 14:28).
093. Jesus came from God and went to God (John 16:28).
094. Jesus confess one God, and he is just God messenger
(John 17: 3).
095. Jesus received the word of God and deliver it (John 17:
096. Jesus went to the Lord (John 20:17).
097. Miracles of Jesus comes from the Lord (Acts 2:22).
098. Jesus made as God ??? (Acts 2:36).
099. Jesus stood right hand of God (Acts 7:56).
100. God raised Jesus only as the savior of the people of
Israel (Acts 13:23).
101. God is One and Jesus submit himself atone for sin (1
Timothy 2: 5).
Paragraph to 101 (last) This speaks of Jesus as the redeemer
of man, which according to the Christian Jesus died in order
to atone for human prayer. Well how scientists about it?
Check out their opinion as follows:
Socianus (1539 - 1604)
"If the sacrifice of Jesus is absolute and unlimited cover
everything, then people should be completely free to do as he
pleases. And if the doctrine of atonement is true, then God is
no longer valid humum binding his servant, as a punishment
for sins has been paid by Jesus. "
Dr Alexander Cruden :
"That for the purpose of sacrifice as that meted out to Jesus
with pain and misery that so terrible, it was so repulsive to the
modern human thought and considered a doctrine that is very
George Bernard Shaw :
"I prefer my moral responsibility, it is not better to charge my
sins on the scapegoat sin. I would be less cautious against
sin, if I knew that it did not hurt me. "
William Ellery Charing (1780 - 1842) :
"Sacrifice is human must do for God, not God to man. If
Jesus was God, why is it God who sacrificed Himself to man?
It does not make sense 11! God can forgive the sins of men
with non-violent and cruel manner. "(Tortured to death nailed
on the cross).
How Sin According to Islam ?
According to the Islamic view, whatever is done by human
sin, God will forgive us, provided us truly repent sincerely, and
promised not to do it. God can forgive all sin, but not for sin of
shirk (make human or anything as a God).
Listen to the word of God in the Qur'an the following:
"Say," O My servants who have transgressed against
themselves, do not despair of the mercy of God. Indeed, Allah
forgives all sins [1314] everything. Indeed, He is Oft-Forgiving,
Most Merciful. "(Surah Az-Zumar 39 53).
In view of Islam, sin borne by each culprit. One can not bear
the sins of others:
"That is not a guilty person will bear the sins of others." (Surat
An-Najm 53 38-39)

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