Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Surrogacy prophesied by Prophet Muhammad as the sign of Last Age

Hadith related to Sahih Muslim, when asked about the Signs
of the last age, Prophet (SA) said "The Slave girl will give birth
to her Mistress and Master..."
What does the above Hadith mean? How does a Slave Girl
give birth to her master or mistress?
The answer is commercial Surrogacy. The slave woman is the
Surrogate mother.
What is Surrogacy?
A woman who agrees to become impregnated and carry a
baby for another couple for money. She agrees to give the
baby to the couple shortly after ...birth. This can be done
using the sperm of the male and the egg of the female or with
the egg of the surrogate.
A Surrogate mother is the Slave woman that is giving birth to
a child that is not her own, in other words she is giving birth
to her Mistress or Master, and her services are well paid for.
This is the view of Islamic Scholar Sheikh Imran Nazar
Hosein. This is also from my own analysis, from my studies
and research, If anyone differs with me I would like to know
what is the right answer.
The Angel Gabiral came to Prophet (SA:) in human form 81
days before our Prophet passed away. He asked 5 questions
to the Prophet. The last question was what are the signs of
the last day? Among other signs Prophet (SA) said "The salve
woman will give birth to her mistress or master." And from the
above analysis it is clear that we are indeed living in the last
stage of History, so it is time to wake up...
Source: [Deen Uz Zaman Choudhury- Signs of The Last Age]

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